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The Shack bible


Why is this Important?man

This is important because a little error can lead to a lot of lies. The Bible says, "A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough," (Gal. 5:8).
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Is The Shack Dangerous?

Yes, the book is dangerous because it hides false doctrines in a feel-good story and presents to Christians a form of God that is not biblical. 
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But it is only fiction!!pencil

So what if its fiction? Is it okay to speak for God in a fiction book and also directly contradict His word in the process -- as long as people feel better about God?
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Quotes from The Shack

"Whoa,' said Papa [God the Father], who had returned from the kitchen with yet another dish. 'Take it easy on those greens, young man. Those things can give you the trots if you ain't careful.'"
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Questions for Mr. Young

questions1.  Should Christian fiction try to represent God as accurately as possible or is it okay to actually contradict scripture if the intent is to make God seem more palatable to people?

2. Do you see any danger to Christians, and others, in speaking for God, putting words in his mouth, and having him say things that directly contradict His revealed word? (Think of Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Islam, etc.) 
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The Shack is only fiction!!

Would it be okay to write a feel-good fiction story about you, a real person, use your real name and address, have you say things you would never say, have you do things you would never do, and accused you of false things...would that be okay if it was a fiction story?

If you have no problem with that, then The Shack is for you.  But if you do have a problem with that, then you should have a problem with The Shack since it does exactly that.

In the Shack, and contrary to what God says in the Bible...

  • In The Shack God teaches universalism, p. 225 -- against scripture (Mark 3:29; Matt. 25:46).
  • In The Shack God The Father appears as a woman (a new image of God) -- against what God says in Exodus 20:1-6; John 1:18; John 6:46; 1 Tim. 6:16
  • In The Shack The Father has crucifixion wounds, p. 95 - This is contrary to the revelation of God.  Only the Son was crucified.
  • God places no expectations on us, p. 206.  But God does (1 Pet. 1:16; Acts 17:30).
  • In The Shack God says he/she wants to be submitted to Mack, the main character, pp. 145-146 -- God sumbitting to people is found no where in scripture and is contradicted by the Bible (James 4:7)

Is it okay to contradict God's word if it is fiction?  No, it is not.  This is a misrepresentation of what God says.  This is how cults get started...when there is someone who claims to speak for God and changes what God has said.

Is it okay to do in a fiction book if it makes you feel good?

Of course not.